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Quality Workbenches to your Specifications

Contact me to discuss your new workbench. Whether it's a traditional French Roubo, Split-top Roubo, Nicholson, Moravian or completely custom design I'd love to build you your dream workbench.  Your choice of Benchcrafted, Lie-Nielsen or HNT Gordon hardware.  Seen in the photo's on this page is a Split-Top Roubo with hand-cut hounds-tooth dovetail end-caps, made of premium American Hard Maple and unique, air-dried, solid Tasmanian Blackwood with Benchcrafted leg vise and tail-vise hardware, and spanning 2300mm in length, 680mm width and with a massive 140mm thick top. Total mass of this bench is just over 250kg - an absolute monster!  Pricing for a custom split-top Roubo depends on specifications.   See below for pricing on a preset configuration of Premium American Rock Maple & Tasmanian / Otways Blackwood in a 2200mm (l) x 600mm (w) x 85-90mm (top thickness) size with premium USA made Benchcrafted hardware.

I make Roubo's using traditional draw-bored, mortise and tenon joinery, not machine-cut loose tenons, and make the benches with knock-down hardware for the long stretchers, allowing you to disassemble the base as well as remove each split top to ease moving the bench if you ever need to in the future.  Whilst timber choice is entirely up to you, I thoroughly recommend Rock Maple for the top.  Maple is a hard, rigid and dense timber with tight and closed-pore grain that is perfect for a benchtop.  The base, end cap, chop and base timber can really be dictated by your aesthetic preference.

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Pre-Configured Split-Top Roubo Workbenches & Pricing

The French Roubo, designed by it's namesake; Andre Roubo, in 1758, is perhaps the epitome of traditional woodworking benches.  The sheer mass and rigid construction of this bench makes for an exemplary platform for any hand tool (or power tool) use.  Where lesser benches may chatter, flex or move, the mighty Roubo feels like unyielding stone and provides unflinching support.  The split-top design provides additional clamping flexibility and with the addition of some dog-holes (left to the customer) and holdfasts, work holding is effective and efficient.   

While I can build a Roubo to any custom specifications including dimensions, timbers, hardware and details, I offer the preset options below for your convenience.  Modifications can, of course, be made and prices will be adjusted accordingly.  Each bench will be built to your specified height to ensure it works perfectly for you.  

2160mm (L) x 600mm (W), with an 95mm thick top, 130x80mm legs, in Prime Rock Maple, Blackwood Accents and Hand Cut Dovetail End Cap, Sliding Deadman, solid draw-bored mortise and tenon construction and knock-down Benchcrafted Hardware with the following Benchcrafted Vise Options - 

Benchcrafted Polished Leg & Tail Vises -$11,250 Aud

Benchcrafted Classic Leg & Tail Vises - $10,700 Aud

Benchcrafted Cast Leg & Tail Vises - $10,750 Aud

Polished Leg Vise only, no tail vise - $10,000 Aud

Cast Leg Vise only, no tail vise - $9,750 Aud

Classic Leg Vise only, no tail vise - $9,490 Aud

Note: Digital renders show the Roubo in the configured dimensions.  The colours are representative only - please refer to the photographs on this page for closer indication of Blackwood and Maple tones. Other timbers available to be quoted on request. 

Please note, only available to customers within the State of Victoria

Delivery is included within the city of Melbourne 

If interested, please fill out a contact form or email me directly at



Top Quality Bench Hardware made in the USA

Having used Benchcrafted Vise hardware on my own bench for years I can thoroughly recommend this top quality hardware.  Specify your choice of Leg and/or Tail vise in Machined or Cast finish or in the Classic bar style. Alternatively, contact me to discuss HNT Vise hardware options.

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Tail Vise Benchcrafted_edited_edited.jpg
Benchcrafted Classic Leg_edited.jpg